Your home went under contract!! But what’s next? 

Know what is required– critical dates, touch base with your HOA If you have one. Your agent can help you with all the above. 

Get your paperwork in order- keep all of your contract paperwork together. Most likely you’ll need to reference mortgage statements, utility bills and warranty info.  It will also be helpful to gather all major appliance manual and warranties. 

Move! – you’ll start by removing all items from the house. Don’t forget to secure the house!  During the peak time, the good moving companies get booked pretty quickly, so don’t forget to reserve a spot! 

Switch utilities & insurance– you’ll have a 3 day buffer usually but it’s important to have this already lined up. 

Maintain the home – keep the home in the same condition (or make the agreed upon improvements) as it was in before the contract was made.

Have a final walkthrough 

Submit change of address

Prepare for home inspection – the buyer will most likely decide to send over a professional inspector to let them know the condition of the home.  The inspector will check a/c, plumbing and electrical, roof, attic, and foundation. This gives many buyers peace of mind, so they know what they’re getting.